Let's Talk About Food!

Let's Talk About Food!

How can I help you cook and eat healthy?

How can I help you cook and eat healthy?

About Me

Welcome to My Kitchen!

I look forward to sharing my twenty years of experience with you as a nutrition educator.  In my kitchen, I make serving my family and friends healthy and nutritious meals a priority.  I can help you learn  how to cook, eat, and make wise choices for your health! 

Community Educator- Workshops & Presentations

Would you like to host a 60 minute workshop for your group, church, business, or organization? I can deliver an interactive presentation with the most current research and practical tips to help individuals in your community learn and decide to make healthy choices. 

Step-by-Step Healthy Cooking DEMO

I have been cooking for a long time, and have learned how to incorporate healthy alternatives into my daily eating habits.  I can help you do the same! 

Plan a presentation and a demo

To make the most of your time, plan for  both a Healthy Eating & Nutrition 101 presentation along with a food demonstration.  Three options for your food demo to choose from; (1)healthy smoothies, (2)whole grain and protein bowls, and/or (3)a vegetarian meal. 

Personal (and Family) Consultation

Need to learn about specific requirements for your daily calorie intake, fats, carbohydrates, and protein as well as nutrient guidelines for your age, gender, weight and height. We can also help with a meal plan for a month. 

Private party meal preparation

Need a 'guest chef' for your private party and want a nutritious and healthy menu prepared.  QuannaGourmet can help you create the best menu for your guest and help you host the perfect party (for up to 6-10 guest). 

Healthy Tips on Food, Recipes and Grocery Items!

Food is the perfect "one thing" we all need to survive! What's even more amazing, is it's availability to us in many forms.  We, however, must take advantage of the opportunity to eat as much of it in it's natural state as possible.  I know it seems hard at times, but we all have the power to make the right choices for better health.   Better together though, will you join me? 

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While you can comment on individual blog posts, you can also send me a message or ask me a general question using this form. 

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