The Amazing World of Food DVD Series 

In this video, you will learn the basic habits to develop and practice while dining at the table.  Good table manners and habits are important because perception of your character and ability to adapt in a global society will help develop positive relationships with family, friends, business associates and employers. This video will discuss 20-25 minutes of the basic manners you should practice when in the company of others.  The chapters for this video are;

1. Guidelines for Setting the Table
2. Guidelines for Dining Etiquette
3. Guidelines for Eating at a Restaurant
4. Guidelines and Etiquette for Eating Certain Foods

Enjoy learning how to set the table and dine tastefully at home with family, or at a restaurant with friends, attending a formal wedding celebration or gathering, or perhaps out to a business luncheon  with co-workers.  This basic guidelines can help your dining experience pleasant and enjoyable.  As you dine and entertain, remember to enjoy your journey into the Amazing World of Food! 
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